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Charly Iacano

Hire the best football freestyler in Sweden, Charly, from Buenos Aires. Claiming 5 national titles, 3 Latin American titles and 2 world championship titles under his belt, make it easy to recall the 26 year old as one of the greatest freestyle footballers in the history of the sport. Book him today exclusively on HFF.

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Charly - Argentinian football freestyler

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Through impressing and interacting with his audiences, Charly is capable of lifting any gathering up and creating memorable engagement which will have a positive impact on the reputation of the event. When the football juggler is done performing, he will both challenge and teach some easy moves to the attendees, which will make them feel included and lead to a great experience for everyone.

Going through multiple training sessions and a strict diet on a daily basis for years, has led the football juggler to always stay 5 steps in front of his opponents and dominate the stage with outstanding speed and precision. By focusing on all the different aspects of the sport and combining it with acrobatics, he has made his actions go down in the history books as they are part of a completely new way of performing tricks. Charly is available for all events and commercials based in Argentine, and some recent cities he have been booked in include Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario and Mendoza.


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